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Friday, May 10, 2013

Put some blinders on

 Last night, as I was impatiently waiting for Greys Anatomy to be on there was a commercial for some eye contacts or glasses or something, one of the lines they used went along the lines of  "protect those two little miracles in your head" and it got me to thinking, #1 that I had never heard anyone refer to eyes as miracles, and #2 at how true that is. The gift of sight is pretty awesome, like could you imagine just living, with out seeing colors,or patterns, but then I thought a bit deeper, I turned down the t.v, closed my eyes and just listened, no one was home so I didn't hear anything, but I did get to thinking about other things we wouldn't be able to see, like insecurity.
   Imagine, none of us could see, you meet someone new, you can tell from her voice and they way he/she talks she has a beautiful spirit, is caring, makes you laugh, and is someone you would like to be friends with, that and probably more are the things we can see with out seeing. Unfortunately sometimes the gift of sight is influenced by petty, judgmental attitudes, that nice person you just met is a little over weight, maybe even a lot over weight, maybe they don't dress like they're hip with the times, they're "nerdy" "uncool" etc.
they now turn  into someone you maybe wouldn't even talk to all based on looks.
   These types of scenes have become far to common,one example is kids these days (yea I sound old)  skinny kids won't talk to fat kids, fat kids feel bad about themselves, Cool" kids don't talk to "nerd" kids etc, why are kids even being encouraged to think this way, who cares! People are people, that "cool" kid is being judged just as that and nothing more,they could be hurting or sad, or just fine, same with the Nerd, You get the picture.  Imagine all these kids, or anyone really  put their blinders on against this social self made mess and met people for who they were, I bet we would all be surprised about the things we would learn about each other.    A trending topic lately has been this Abercrombie and Fitch president guy, I can now fit in to those clothes, and I even have a shirt from there, and guess what, its makes me no better, then anyone, its just clothes, and for him to say that they make their clothes a certain way just to attracted "attractive, cool ( who even says cool anymore in reference to a person, get with the times Mr.CEO)
types of people is just, ridicules. In my mind most business  people  would  who cares WHO or what TYPE of people by my crap just as long as it sells right, so the fact that he feels he needs to single people out based on something as irrelevant as looks, and size means he of all people needs US to view him with some blinders, those types of people really need some listening. A person is still a person sometimes we all need to look at people with our ears.