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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Its 11:54 m on a Tuesday, we just came in from seeing the movie 2012.

The main character, Jackson Curtis( john Cusack) is a workaholic, forgetting about his family, a wife and two children, who now live with the boyfriend. Movie in a nutshell, Disaster strikes faster then the top scientist had calculated, whole world in for it etc. It was VERY similar to "The day after tomorrow" ., like almost exactly. except for the fact that this movie, I think is trying to get people scared, like because of all the global warming garbage you hear in the news, they made a point to put it in the movie. I thought the graphics and acting were all very well done. There was also alot of mention of almost every religion out there, but t wasn't done in a boastful, "one is Superior" kind of way. As of late I hear people around me talking about how scared they are for the end of the world, or that modern technology will over power the human mind, people put so much effort into believing everything they here, except for faith in God, which is the only thing that can truly save them. Some people don't know what they are missing, cause having faith in God instead of man made things is a pretty awesome security!

Note: This movie was also VERY long...Just sayin!
Also these are not all my thoughts, I just felt like writing something!