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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rest in peace, Joesph

Its going to be so very hard to move on with out you. You had a brilliant mind and were a very talented artist. Your art was very unique and had a certain flair. I remember when I first met you at work, I had made a mistake on the till and no one was around to help, I was getting all flustered and you just kind of showed up, you were so very helpful, but then laughed at me because I made the exact same mistake with the very next costumer! I will always remember how it took 4 hours to set up my iphone, because you had never set one up before, but it didn't matter because there were no other costumers, so we just chatted and consumed Tim Hortons while you tried to figure it out.
I will miss you txting me early in the morning before work,before I was even awake! It seemed like you never went to sleep!
I will miss our nightly conversations about, the bible, mystical creatures, and just life in general, even tho we didn't agree on things sometimes it was still a pleasant argument.
You will be greatly missed by so many.
Rest in peace friend, I miss you.

-Doe eyes