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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Its 11:54 m on a Tuesday, we just came in from seeing the movie 2012.

The main character, Jackson Curtis( john Cusack) is a workaholic, forgetting about his family, a wife and two children, who now live with the boyfriend. Movie in a nutshell, Disaster strikes faster then the top scientist had calculated, whole world in for it etc. It was VERY similar to "The day after tomorrow" ., like almost exactly. except for the fact that this movie, I think is trying to get people scared, like because of all the global warming garbage you hear in the news, they made a point to put it in the movie. I thought the graphics and acting were all very well done. There was also alot of mention of almost every religion out there, but t wasn't done in a boastful, "one is Superior" kind of way. As of late I hear people around me talking about how scared they are for the end of the world, or that modern technology will over power the human mind, people put so much effort into believing everything they here, except for faith in God, which is the only thing that can truly save them. Some people don't know what they are missing, cause having faith in God instead of man made things is a pretty awesome security!

Note: This movie was also VERY long...Just sayin!
Also these are not all my thoughts, I just felt like writing something!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog hop-These smiles

Something that makes us feel good eh?

what about the fact that

These sweet smile were brought to YOU by YOU! Thats right when YOU make on OCC shoebox, you change a life! Go ahead give it a try!
(Yes I know, Nicaragua AGAIN, but you cant just undo what you have seen, So get used to it!)

Best guest blogger!

Paul Brandt is holding a contest to find a blogger to go with him to Cambodia.

Why I should be Chosen to be Paul Brandts next best blogger.

I wouldn't say I am the best blogger in the world, by a long shot, BUT I do enjoy it, and when you enjoy what your doing the outcome is usually pretty good. As you readers have seen, this past summer I went to Nicaragua with Operation Christmas Child, to be honest with you, I was VERY hesitant about going, I was excited, but rather nervous. As soon as the plane touched the ground in Managua, Nicaragua, I felt great, like this is were I was supposed to be! Ever since that moment, followed by the whole trip, I was pretty excited, and astonished at what, imple things like shoeboxes, and a whole lotta God can do! I guess you could say I am on a missions/travel high. I really want God to use me in any way possible to help other people, and this seems like a pretty sweet gig! I guess that wasn't really a "why I SHOULD" be chosen, but more of "why I WANT to be chosen"!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm planning something!

Hey everyone!

SO as everyone can see, I went on a missions trip with OCC(operation christmas child), to Nicaragua! I loved the kids there SO much and just can't stop thinking about there cute, smiling faces! So this box collecting month, my sister and I are putting together a boxraiser( like a fundraiser but we collect prepaired shoeboxes for OCC). SO on november 19th, were going to have worship/music , a speaker, then some dessert, and everyone brings a box! Were going to decorate the church with OCC posters and Pictures of kids opening boxes! SO if you could please pray for a good turn out that would be great! Also if you have any idea's let me know!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Your the God of this city"

Your the God of this city


Your the God of these people...

Your the hope to the Hopless, You are.
(song God of this city-Chris Tomlin)

F.A.Q about Nicaragua that I am VERY happy to answer!Part 2

What we did when we were there(continued)
Distributins: Dist, were one of my favorites. All the kids were so sweet, and the program we did for them was fun. We would have clowns do some simple skits,we did puppets, songs, then there was the gospel message, and then we would give out the shoeboxes:)

Were the leaders awesome?Yes!

Is six5one as awesome as their name?Yes!
Six5one is a band from Canada, They are totally amazing, We had the privilage of having some of the members travel with us, lead worship, and put on an amazing concert. Whats great about them is their passion for God, and it shines thru them , and is reflected in their music.They were super encouraging, and uplifting! thanks guys:)
Here is their myspace, check it out! www.myspace.com/six5one

End of part 2!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

F.A.Q about Nicaragua that I am VERY happy to answer!Part 1

Who: There was close to 100 people on the team, including the youth, doctors, dentist, and others. We went with sameritans purse!where did we go? We went to Nicaragua, which IS NOT ANYWERE NEAR AFRICA, OKAY?? haha, I don't know why, but everyone thinks Nicaragua is around africa, and often said to my sister and I..be careful in africa! Nicaragua is the largest country in central america, boarded by honduras, and Costa Rica.

How did we get there? By plane: 4 hours to houston, 4 hours from houston to Mategalpa,Nicaragua(the capitol) 2 hours by VERY old bus to mategalpa, Nicaragua ( The city were we stayed)
What did we do there?

Eye clinics.This is me testing a ladies eyes, she was so sweet!

Cunstruction:Here is Ryan,Lincoln, and Tyler mixing cement for a church stage.

Dental clinics. Ya pretty self explanitory, we ya know, looked at peoples mouths and if neccesary, Pulled teeth, Here is Kate, pulling a mans tooth!

Medical Clinicics: Here is maddie taking blood pressure.

End of part one.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nicaraguan plants!

Here are some pics of Nicaraguan flowers and Tree's!

Here are some of the beautiful plants and flowers In Nicaragua!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Nicaragua pics.

Here are some of the MANY pics from Nicaragua.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

We just got in.

Well we just got in from Nicaragua, and I am to bushed to do a whole post!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Were off to nicaragua!!

this is what we'll be doing! http://www.samaritanspurse.ca/occ/

Thursday, July 30, 2009


HEy ya'll!
we had an AWESOME time at stampede we were there for 16 hours! from open to close! the fireworks were great, and the park is beautiful at night.


Hey guys!
So our internet has been gone for a while, hense the lack of post's! But guess what!! WE LEAVE FOR NICARAGUA in ONE WEEK!! I'm so excited!!!
Jules, Chris, and David
Kadin & david
haha, they were trying to push someone in:)
The River
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