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Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog hop-These smiles

Something that makes us feel good eh?

what about the fact that

These sweet smile were brought to YOU by YOU! Thats right when YOU make on OCC shoebox, you change a life! Go ahead give it a try!
(Yes I know, Nicaragua AGAIN, but you cant just undo what you have seen, So get used to it!)

Best guest blogger!

Paul Brandt is holding a contest to find a blogger to go with him to Cambodia.

Why I should be Chosen to be Paul Brandts next best blogger.

I wouldn't say I am the best blogger in the world, by a long shot, BUT I do enjoy it, and when you enjoy what your doing the outcome is usually pretty good. As you readers have seen, this past summer I went to Nicaragua with Operation Christmas Child, to be honest with you, I was VERY hesitant about going, I was excited, but rather nervous. As soon as the plane touched the ground in Managua, Nicaragua, I felt great, like this is were I was supposed to be! Ever since that moment, followed by the whole trip, I was pretty excited, and astonished at what, imple things like shoeboxes, and a whole lotta God can do! I guess you could say I am on a missions/travel high. I really want God to use me in any way possible to help other people, and this seems like a pretty sweet gig! I guess that wasn't really a "why I SHOULD" be chosen, but more of "why I WANT to be chosen"!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm planning something!

Hey everyone!

SO as everyone can see, I went on a missions trip with OCC(operation christmas child), to Nicaragua! I loved the kids there SO much and just can't stop thinking about there cute, smiling faces! So this box collecting month, my sister and I are putting together a boxraiser( like a fundraiser but we collect prepaired shoeboxes for OCC). SO on november 19th, were going to have worship/music , a speaker, then some dessert, and everyone brings a box! Were going to decorate the church with OCC posters and Pictures of kids opening boxes! SO if you could please pray for a good turn out that would be great! Also if you have any idea's let me know!