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Monday, October 12, 2009

Best guest blogger!

Paul Brandt is holding a contest to find a blogger to go with him to Cambodia.

Why I should be Chosen to be Paul Brandts next best blogger.

I wouldn't say I am the best blogger in the world, by a long shot, BUT I do enjoy it, and when you enjoy what your doing the outcome is usually pretty good. As you readers have seen, this past summer I went to Nicaragua with Operation Christmas Child, to be honest with you, I was VERY hesitant about going, I was excited, but rather nervous. As soon as the plane touched the ground in Managua, Nicaragua, I felt great, like this is were I was supposed to be! Ever since that moment, followed by the whole trip, I was pretty excited, and astonished at what, imple things like shoeboxes, and a whole lotta God can do! I guess you could say I am on a missions/travel high. I really want God to use me in any way possible to help other people, and this seems like a pretty sweet gig! I guess that wasn't really a "why I SHOULD" be chosen, but more of "why I WANT to be chosen"!

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