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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rest in peace, Joesph

Its going to be so very hard to move on with out you. You had a brilliant mind and were a very talented artist. Your art was very unique and had a certain flair. I remember when I first met you at work, I had made a mistake on the till and no one was around to help, I was getting all flustered and you just kind of showed up, you were so very helpful, but then laughed at me because I made the exact same mistake with the very next costumer! I will always remember how it took 4 hours to set up my iphone, because you had never set one up before, but it didn't matter because there were no other costumers, so we just chatted and consumed Tim Hortons while you tried to figure it out.
I will miss you txting me early in the morning before work,before I was even awake! It seemed like you never went to sleep!
I will miss our nightly conversations about, the bible, mystical creatures, and just life in general, even tho we didn't agree on things sometimes it was still a pleasant argument.
You will be greatly missed by so many.
Rest in peace friend, I miss you.

-Doe eyes


  1. Isylla, what great memories you will have to carry with you. I am sorry for your loss.
    I remember him standing at the till, drawing. I asked him to draw me the hamster from Bolt, he replied, "i don't draw cute things". I laughed and without too much fussing convinced him to draw it for me.
    We had a lot of talks about a lot of things. I will miss his calm demeanor and beautiful smile, and lovely comments. He once said I was like a fine wine. How lovely is that?
    I always told him its okay to be different, different is good. He was a truly unique person, someone who touches your life and is not easily forgotten.
    What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.

  2. This is beautifully written, Isylla. I love you lots and am praying for you.
    - Shelby

  3. JC
    You were one of the first people I met when I first moved here, you and Jesse welcomed me with open arms when I got the job in connections. You and Jesse always made sure I had help and was okay! You were a friend from day one. JC you were always a funny down to earth guy, you were always a speical person to alot of people. You mean alot to Isylla I can see it everytime I look at her, she misses you so much!! I know that no one is going to understand why, but I really hope and pray your happy now and free in peace...
    I'm going to miss you JC
    Rest In Peace

  4. I don't have the words JC. I admired your artistic talent and I've even up to now missed those chats we used to have about the female of the species or just about whatever. The advice you gave me on so much stuff was always so level and calm, like you. You were the single most even and controlled person I've met.

    I'll see you again.

  5. Why? How? I don't understand. J.C. was a very talented writer and artist. I got to know him at GMHS in Airdrie, AB. One of those people you never forget. May peace be with you.
    Mrs. U.

  6. Passion brought fire to your soul
    It bit you and licked you
    Until you were cold
    Amidst the chaos,
    There is only ashes now
    Plagued by shadow,
    "May the world go up in flames",
    "May the world be covered in snow";
    May you find your warm safe place,
    May you never be alone.

    I miss you so much.

  7. Today I am a shock and I said can't be Jc pass away. How pass away?? I remember him around at Wal Mart. Look he is okay that no problem. I know him very well many years. He was tease & joking on me. I make a laugh. He is real nice & good friend of me. I feel sad & miss him. I feel don't understand why he pass away that mean he was ill? I am a sorry because I miss his funreal. Now I miss him. I will tell my son Justin about J. C. later night. Justin know him very well. We pray J.C. and make a happy in his heaven.
    Love Brenda Kerr
    Aidrie, Alberta

  8. A beautiful soul, gone to write the most memorable sonatas in the midnight sky.

    I miss you Joesph. More than words will ever be able to convey. May the peace you sought, be with you. And may the peace you sought, heal all of those grieving for you.

    I miss you, so very very much.


  9. You will be missed, i'm sorry we never got the chance to catch up again from not knowing each other for so long. I can still remember us playing duck-hunt and ghost busters in your moms house way way back when she use to babysit me. Its not fair your life was taken from you this early. Though I hope you find peace. Good bye my friend.

  10. This body is not me;I am not caught in this body,I am life without boundaries,
    I have never been born and I have never died.
    Over there the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies
    All manifests from the basis of consciousness.
    Since beginningless time I have always been free.
    Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek.
    So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye.
    Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before.
    We shall always be meeting again at the true source,
    Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life.

    We love you honey and hope you have finally found the happiness you were so searching for, And finally getting to sleep, which you so seeked.

    If only you were right here with me to chat, to smile,to reminisce. We miss you so dam much.
    We will Love you always, Love you forever.
    Love Mom,Dad,Marty.

  11. Well Son its June 1 and we still miss you so dam much, Now what do we do for your Birthday on the 17, when are you coming back, we still need to talk to you, I need you here.
    We will Love you always, Love you Forever.
    Love Mom,Dad,Marty.

  12. It has been a year since your passing.

    You are in my thoughts.. Forever engraved into my soul, lost in a trance of memories that are en clouding me taking me away. This reality is nothing more then a illusion. and you are free.. your soul will cycle and in hopes i cling to the thought of your reincarnation. It only seems like yesterday.. when we would take our random drives.. View the scenary together. Enjoy our chit chats about what makes a person, how humans as a race have become oh so lost.. I remember your last words to me.. "Perhaps i shall see you in another life." Your smile..and last enbrace. I recall our soul caliber fights.. and our exchanges of poetry. You were my friend, a person whom i could talk to.We always took comfort in eachothers presence..One day we will come together agian.. May your soul be at peace, i cannot wait to feel your presence agian some day. We are the misunderstood.. forever entangled .. Together in Spirit
    Our connection will forever stand


  13. I had no idea he passed away until yesterday...... I missed the funeral i was tryimg to get ahold of JC recently (i always called him nirvana) and was wondering where and how he was..... I will truly miss you Nirvana you were always there for me and I will never ever forget I wish you were still here

  14. It's my fault he passed away, he was my Romeo and I was his juliet. I can't believe you're gone! Why did you have to do this?? I know this is all my fault but, why?! I remember when you told me that I had angel eyes and that you could see right through them, I wish you could come back it's so hard with out you :(

    1. It wasn't any one fault, it just the way he was, he tried, had lots of help but it still didn't make him truly happy, and now he is finally at peace.

    2. On March 15, 2013, will be a get together at the Nadons for 4 o,clock till whenever, if anyone would like to come by or to just remember our son, whom we still believe that time does stand still
      357 Big Springs Drive,
      Debbie Nadon

    3. Well, here it is, they say its 2 years today, but to us it like the same day, I called and we chatted right to the last 5 min, you told me. We miss you so much, hard to stop missing you, your brother called, he is doing ok, we got more flowers, it nice, that some people still think of us on this day, or think of you on this day, I know we will never get on with it. Hope you having the time of your life, we Love you always, Love you forever, Love Mom, Dad, and Marty, Till we meet again.

  15. I miss you so much! It's getting harder and harder. I just wish I could hear your beautiful voice again! I know you'd be telling me to cheer up. I'd just like to hear it coming from you. I love you so much. I think we got caught up in our love and it spiraled out of control. I just wish you were here. I remember this one day, all of my clothes were in the wash and I tried something on and you said "that is the best outfit I've ever seen you in Juliet." I miss when we'd lie in bed together cuddling like it were our last time seeing eachother. I wish I would of held you for longer. I miss when you'd tuck my hair behind my ear and call me your beautiful Juliet. I love and miss you J.C. -Juliet.

  16. Well, here it is 3 years they say, things are just the same as the day you left us. We miss you so much, hard to stop missing you, your brother called, he is doing ok, we got more flowers, it nice, that some people still think of us this day, or think of you on this day, I know we will never get on with it, Hope your having the time of your Life, we Love you always, Love you Forever, Love Mom, Dad, and Marty, Till we meet again.

  17. Every crow reminds me of you. I miss you terribly. Blackbird, fly.

  18. Well not its 55ths, so what, still the same as that morning I talked on the phone with you right till the end, hmmm

    1. Miss Him so much today, I wish I could talk to him. -Isylla

  19. I come back to here all the time. I Google his name and read that I'm not alone in how much I miss him. And I adore your photo of him. Thank you for this little space. ♡ Danielle 'Poison' Polsom.