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Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrapping paper scraps

Hello again, Friends! I come to you today with an idea on how to use left over wrapping paper scraps, and blessing other, yes that's right, two purposes, how handy!

I have been saving toilet paper rolls since... September, just for crafts and things, you know how it is, always have to have toilet paper rolls around, anyways, I always save pieces of wrapping paper that look just to big to throw away, but kind of to small to actually wrap anything with, unless of course it was a gift for ants(zoolander reference).

So What I do is cover the roll in wrapping paper and then put candies inside, I then wrap the roll in cellophane and tie the ends with ribbon, they almost look like Christmas crackers!
I like to leave them at restaurants for the waiter who helped us or give them to the cashier, just something little to brighten their day around this festive season that can get a little hectic!

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