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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If you have an extra 5 hours why not try...

Ok so it's no secret that I love my little sisters to bits, but I think I took it to a new level when I made these little beauty's. adorable right? Yes BUT they are SOOO time consuming! Easy assembly tho and super SUPER cute! I think these would always make great gifts if you had spare time and had a bunch pre made.you could even add a little rolling pin, I usually work in some whilst watching the ole TV.

In each "cookie" is made up of 3 Pieces of felt. The front obviously had the "sprinkles" which are sewn onto either pink,blue, or white "frosting" (you can use any color) that piece is then sewing onto a beige piece, two hide all that string you take your third piece of felt(beige) and use it as a back, sewing around the edges!

The most time consuming part is cutting out the the shapes in the "dough", you must be spot on so that you get the cookie cutting allusion:)

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