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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

25 things about me, that you may, or may not know.

#1. I think God is amazing, like think of it, like you cant its..amazing.
#2 I have the WORSTE luck with digital camera's..they always break.
#3 I am amused by the kids group "The wiggles" and find myself singing their songs while doing things OR stopping to whatch the show when its on.
#Making things( sewing, knitting, ect) I one of my favorite things to do.
#4 I LOVE reading blogs.
#5 CHRISTMAS...enough said.
#6 I dont like how at easter there are chocolate in the shapes of characters in kids shows, kids show have NOTHING to do wih easter. Netheir do eggs, or bunnies, but there a bit more traditional.
#& I LOVE baby's!
#7 think its dumb how the American Itunes, has better stuff then the canadian one!
#8 I secretly want to be a crime scene Inves. Or and NCIS special agent.
#9 I am working on four different launguages, spanish, french, ukranian, and greek.
#10 I sun burn WAY to easy for being european.
#11 number 2 says camera's but I actually have trouble with ALL techno. like ipods and laptops:(
#12 I would LOVE to adopt kids from different country's, especially Haiti, and ethiopia.
#13 My desire is to become a wife/mother... dont laugh..or else (just kidding)
#14 I love gardening
#12 I dont like bad drivers, they bug me
#13 even tho I like shopping, I am really bad at it because I only buy things that are on sale
#14 I like things that are "Isyllaish" (one of my best friends invented this word) meaning things that are glittery, shining, and border on tacky!
#15 I am SCARED of birds, when I am driving and have the windows down i rll them up when I see birds, because I am scared they will fly in!
#16 our house is loud, but I like it!
#17 Its s cool that as christians, we have that awesome security!
#18 I start listening to christmas music in september
#19 I miss gavin keine ( My cell phone, its broken)
#20 I prefer trucks over cars
#21 abortion is murder
#22 I have always wanted to be on "The wheel of fortune"
#23 I like the weather guy with the accent on the weather channel
#24 I have never seen Disney's peter pan!
#25 I'm not good at these but if you ask me real questions, I can give amusing/real answers:)


  1. You've never seen Peter Pan? It's a classic. We should watch it sometime eh?

    Yay for #14! =D (the second #14 that is)

    See you soon girly!

  2. We totally need to get together hun! I`m so excited that you have a blog, cus since I don`t use facebook it`s hard to keep in touch with people.
    I love 12 (first one), 13 (first one) and 18....I can totally relate.