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Saturday, September 19, 2009

F.A.Q about Nicaragua that I am VERY happy to answer!Part 1

Who: There was close to 100 people on the team, including the youth, doctors, dentist, and others. We went with sameritans purse!where did we go? We went to Nicaragua, which IS NOT ANYWERE NEAR AFRICA, OKAY?? haha, I don't know why, but everyone thinks Nicaragua is around africa, and often said to my sister and I..be careful in africa! Nicaragua is the largest country in central america, boarded by honduras, and Costa Rica.

How did we get there? By plane: 4 hours to houston, 4 hours from houston to Mategalpa,Nicaragua(the capitol) 2 hours by VERY old bus to mategalpa, Nicaragua ( The city were we stayed)
What did we do there?

Eye clinics.This is me testing a ladies eyes, she was so sweet!

Cunstruction:Here is Ryan,Lincoln, and Tyler mixing cement for a church stage.

Dental clinics. Ya pretty self explanitory, we ya know, looked at peoples mouths and if neccesary, Pulled teeth, Here is Kate, pulling a mans tooth!

Medical Clinicics: Here is maddie taking blood pressure.

End of part one.

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