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Sunday, September 20, 2009

F.A.Q about Nicaragua that I am VERY happy to answer!Part 2

What we did when we were there(continued)
Distributins: Dist, were one of my favorites. All the kids were so sweet, and the program we did for them was fun. We would have clowns do some simple skits,we did puppets, songs, then there was the gospel message, and then we would give out the shoeboxes:)

Were the leaders awesome?Yes!

Is six5one as awesome as their name?Yes!
Six5one is a band from Canada, They are totally amazing, We had the privilage of having some of the members travel with us, lead worship, and put on an amazing concert. Whats great about them is their passion for God, and it shines thru them , and is reflected in their music.They were super encouraging, and uplifting! thanks guys:)
Here is their myspace, check it out! www.myspace.com/six5one

End of part 2!

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