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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas gone weddings on the rise.

Most of you know it isn't I who is getting married, but my sister, Maddie, and my Best Friend Brittany are marrying some lovely gentlemen.   Its funny how two people can have two completely different tastes in the same event. Both weddings are going to be lovely, and I am honored to be the Maid of honor for both my sisters:)

Christmas was a lovely time, having three kids under the age of  7 bring back the old traditions of things like waking up at a VERY early hour. But I admit waking up to three little kids yelling out "this is the best day ever" is pretty cute and Maddie and I dealt with our over tired-ness by falling asleep at 5pm on Christmas evening!

                                                                   Excited Children!
                                                                WHY? is she so darn cute!
                                                                  Love Bugs!

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