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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Almost a year

Dearest Joesph.
Its almost been a whole year since you've been gone.
Some days, most days I still don't believe it, and then when I do believe it, I don't want too:(
I have all our conversations still on my computer and they make me laugh, we talked some strange lingo my friend! You missed the new twilight, you would have really liked it, it was creepy and such, very much your style! Remember when we went to see Sherlock Holmes? well a second one came out, but I didn't see it, cause I wanted to go with you.   Remember that time you were telling me about your tattoo's and I said I was to scared to get one? You said, "oh isylla its not that bad", well I got one just for you, I love it, and you were right, it really wasn't that bad! I know you didn't like to smile, but some how when we hung out I made you laugh, your smile was enchanting and I will always remember it, I hope you are at peace. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.
Miss you dear.

-Doe eyes.
                                              (You sent me this pic after I showed you the outfit I was wearing for 

                                                                    Christmas, you said we matched:)

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