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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The vow

Like most females.....I am a female who enjoys the odd romantic movies no, no I thoroughly enjoy ALL romantic movies, you might even say I am a lush when it comes to them, and that I'd pay to see even the most outrageous of romantic films, including but not limited too..
#1. Justin Bieber dating someone who isn't famous and maybe doesn't even care about his fame....or his hair.
#2. Patrick Dempsey for once being cheated on, instead of lying about being married (i.e Greys Anatomy, Valentines day etc.)
*disclaimer, I thing both the Biebs and Dempsey are swell people I'm just saying if they made movies like that...I'd watch them,....anyways The Vow....right.

Top Complaints I have heard about the vow and my replies to them:
#1 It is Cheesy- Hmmm you don't say..a movie about a dashingly hansom man doing all sorts of loving and romantic things to win over the love of a beautiful women, did you expect anything less then cheesy? My guess is that you were dragged to this movie by A) your girlfriend, or B)  a group of girls on a "hang out", do not insult them by calling this movie cheesy, they are already thinking it but they don't care. My other guess is that you are a guy, went to this movie alone, because you actually did want to see it and are calling it cheesy because you are trying to appear cool. in which case you are right... it was totally "Cheesy" *winks*
#2 It dragged on and on- You are at a movie, to see a movie, if you didn't want to be sitting there for 1hr+ then stay home... simple.
#3 It gives girls an unrealistic view of men-  This was men's  boys top complaint about this movie.  Here is a thought, you could actually pay attention and put effort into your relationship then at least while you're sitting there, watching this movie  against your will you won't feel guilty, just sayin.
#4 The ending was terrible - EXCUSE ME? the ending is terrible? Think of the other movies in this genre like, Dear John, now THAT was a terrible ending, or a walk to remember, she dies for goodness sake. at least in the vow, she gets to experience falling in love all over again how sweet.

All in all I think this was a sweet movie was it cheesy? yes sort of. but it really was thoughtful, sad, and though provoking. I also like the fact that they were advocates of love without all the smut, Leo was very respectful to his clueless wife, listen here folks, you don't have to be a class A jerk, or a scantily clad hooker to be loved, and have a good life.

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  1. I haven't seen this movie yet, (can't wait!!!) But it's based on a true story, which to me, makes it even more awesome!!