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Monday, March 19, 2012

Money saving tip #1

I'm not rich with money or anything, nor am I a financial guru, I do, however like to save ma moneys(went all gangsta on ya bam). So when people see that I drive a semi nice vehicle they ask one of the following, #1 do you do have a job that is less then moral? #2 Is that you're parents?#3 are you actually a rich old woman who has used her wealth to rejuvenate her face and skin so you look 21(I'm not even kidding I was asked this once)?  The answer to all of these is no.
What I do is I save, and save, and save some more. This can be difficult because, well for one I am a girl and I like to shop, but also just prices of things lately are pretty rediculas. Something that I have found that helps a Little bit is using cards like Esso extra, Petro points,Air miles (pictured above) and other things like that.
I ALWAYS hear people say "no" when the cashier asks if said costumer would like to sign up for whatever points system thing that business has. I always shake my head and think..how silly, and extra 5 minutes at the register signing up for this thing will actually save you some $$. The way I see it is you have to pay for gas right? so why not swipe that esso or petro points card every time you pay, eventually you'll have enough points for FREE gas, I am always pleasantly surprised when this happens:)
Another card I find lovely is the scene points card, Do you even know How many free movies I have accumulated! I had like 8 at one point, now that right there is just clever I tell ya, Plus just having the card gets you 10% off concession! I also like the shoppers drug mart optimum card, if you go on double points days you get, well, double points, I once bought an ipod on double points day and I got 50,000 points or something like that which converted into $150.00, That was just great!
 The point I am trying to make is you have to pay for stuff anyways right, so take the extra few minutes maybe even seconds, and swipe the card.
I have attached the websites of my favorite websites, enjoy!

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